We Provide You The Best LPG Autogas System For Those Reasons: 

Your Safety

Eco – Friendly

Reduce Your Costs


Our Mission

Safety rules are there to follow so take care

and we will see you tomorrow

The octane ratings for regular-grade fuel range from 85 to 87, midgrade’s are rated 88 to 90, and 91 and higher is premium. our fuel range starts from 91(normal) to 99(super) which makes it the best around

Safety records don’t happen by accident


With Ster Construction

We Can Construct Your Gas Station From A – Z

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You can fill your tank with LPG autogas by following gas station :

Erbil, Iraq,

  • 60 meter street near Saylo
  • 40 meter street near Runaki
  • 40 meter street near Rudaw
  • 100 meter street near Ishik university
  • Massif road at bastora
  •  Koya road near Majidi mall
  • Kirkuk road at Zhyan district
  • Kirkuk road at Qushtapa
  • Makhmur road
  • Mosul road
  •  Gwer road
  • Beginning of Kornish Street.
  • Pirmam St/Masif Road, Opposite North Industrial Area
  • 120m, Between Pirmam Road to Koya Road

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